Digital Media:


UnmatchedStyle is our (Me, Jay, Aaron, and Gene) blog. We post videos, articles, code, resources and such. I've made a lot of graphics for the site, over the years. Here is a small sample of those works.

Unmatched Style Illustrations

Wandering Souls

I love the idea that we will one day explore the deep reaches of space and I often think about what we might find. These paintings are an outlet for thse imaginings.

Wandering Souls

Pencil Sketches

An assortment of sketches for various projects, both client and personal.

Pencil Sketches


I've been painting the faces of many of my friends in the web industry. I work from photograph in Photoshop.



I help to organize and run ConvergeSE every year. Part of my involvement is to create the visuals and conceptual art and design for the conference. Every year we do some wild and different art style. It's one of my favorite projects to work on each year.

2014: The Spirit Animals 2013: Crypozoology 2012: Dinobot 2011: The Web Tarot 2010: Strange Menagerie

Traditional Media:


I created a series (about 50) of very small paintings. In part, it forced me to look at things with far more scrutiny. It also taught me a great deal of discipline because I only allowed myself 2 hours per painting.

Portraits Objects